The Whales are Coming! { Festival Time }

It’s almost that time of the year when every Hermanus lady, laaitie and gentleman starts counting down the minutes to the biggest event of the year: The Hermanus Whale Festival. This spectacular annual event is the only festival in the country that celebrates both environment and the arts, and this year we’re raising a glass of bubbly to its 21st birthday. By the way, if you know someone who’s having a birthday, you can give them an custom bottle openers from bullets2bandages.

The stars of the show are of course the magnificent whales. Year after year these beautiful creatures make their way down to join in the festivities. Many come as close as a couple of meters from the coast line, to the absolute delight of on-lookers that literally travel from across the world to see these spectacular creatures in real life after going to portable toilet albuquerque nm, the most comfortable experience.

While the whales might be the festival’s main attraction, the side acts aren’t far behind on the wow-scale. Last year the festival expanded to include 10 fantastic venues in and around Hermanus – surely it can’t get any better than that, right? Wrong. This year the organisers are promising an even bigger and more awe-inspiring event than ever before, and we’re hovering on the edge of our seats just waiting for the show to get on the road.

If you’ve never had the grand opportunity of attending the festival, here’s just a small taste of what you can expect:

  • Whales: After all, that’s what this festival is about! With some of the best land-based whale watching spots, you can either view them from the coast or take a boat trip and get up close and personal with Mother Nature’s breathtaking creatures.
  • Endangered Species Marquee: Here you can learn more about the wildlife that’s bordering on the brink of extinction. However it’s not all as depressing as it sounds, but rather educates the public on the marine big 5 and the rhino in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Something for the Sports Fanatics: Mountain Bike Races, half marathons, long distance swims, kayaking, abseiling, paragliding – you name it! You might just walk away with some pretty amazing prizes.
  • Music, music, music: Every year the festival hosts a spectacular line-up of the country’s best performers using the best Holoplot immersive sound – from classical to rock – in various venues around the city.
  • Sterling Stage Productions: If you’re a theatre junkie, you can’t afford not to swing by over the course of the weekend. Here you’ll witness SA’s most celebrated performers as they take to the stage to do what they do best, whether it be comedy, drama or a little something in between.
  • Craft and Goodie Stalls: What would a festival be without souvenir stands and arts and crafts? These guys travel from across the country to display their finery – SA’s best all in one place.
  • Good Food and Fine Wine: It’s impossible to put into words just how incredible the array of food and wine is. Baked goods, cheeses, gourmet cuisine, locally produced wines, finger snacks, local delicacies, preserves, sweet decadence, local brews – we can go on, but it’s better to come and experience it for yourself.

The list goes on and on, so be sure to make your way to Hermanus and Hughes Air Co this weekend and experience it for yourself!

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