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Whilst the water is known to be on the cold side, Hermanus’ beaches are nothing short of breathtaking. Drenched in sunshine during summer (and most of the other seasons), the beaches are simply stunning, luring holiday makers from near and far. The variety of beaches located in the area are also quite impressive, ranging from long expanses of sand to small beaches hidden between towering rock formations and grassy hills.


Onrus Beach:

Popular with body boarders and surfers, Onrus beach is usually bustling even in winter time. With a clear blue lagoon that stretches inland from the beach, this is probably one of the most family friendly beaches along the Hermanus coastline. The beach is also home to The Milkwood – the only restaurant in Hermanus with abalone as a permanent fixture on their menu.



What sets this beach apart from the others is the combination of sand and lawn. This makes Voëlklip not just a surfer’s paradise but also the ideal picnic and sunbathing hotspot. The whales also love this part of the ocean and can be seen lazing in the ocean even towards the end of November.


Grotto Beach:

Awarded Blue Flag status for its pristine beach front, this idyllic stretch of coast is definitely one of the gems in Hermanus’ treasure chest of golden beaches. The beach is also the only one to offer beach wheelchairs, making it accessible to older and disabled folk.



Regarded as having the best waves for surfing in the area, Kammabaai is always alive with activity. The beach is also known as “Lovers’ Cove” and has great picnic spots and braai facilities.



Considered to be Hermanus’ ‘secret’ beach, Langbaai is located in a secluded cove right at the foot of the cliffs.

Sandbaai Beach:

While the beach has a slightly bad reputation for its rip-tides at high tide, low tide is a safe and fabulous time to head out and splash around in the waves. Along the beach front you’ll also find a number of rock pools teeming with marine life that’s sure to intrigue the young ones. The presence of so many ocean creatures is also part of what makes Sandbaai such a popular snorkelling hotspot.

Breakfast Bay:

Stretching along the coast of Vermont, this beach is sheltered by sand dunes making it the perfect picnic or sunbathing spot.


Kleinmond to Hawston:

This magnificent beach seems to stretch on into eternity. However, as inviting as it seems, the waters are extremely hazardous and should only be braved by very strong swimmers who are familiar with the waters.



While this part of the coast can’t exactly be classified as a beach, the Bot River lagoon is surrounded by brilliant picnic and swimming spots that are definitely worth a visit.


Tidal Pools:

Hermanus is known for its many wild and wonderful rock pools that are teeming with ocean life and perfect for children. Some of the deeper pools, like the Marine tidal pool just below the Marine Hotel, are perfect for swimming and even snorkelling.