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Hermanus enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, earning the seaside town its reputation as the capital of happy holidaying. Every season’s climate and temperatures are unique, yet even in the depths of winter or peak of summer, temperatures remain bearable.


Summer – December to March

During summer time Hermanus is dry and sunny. With the ocean bordering most of the town however, the sea breeze helps to temper the extreme heat and temperatures never seem to rise above the mid twenties. Now and again, when the ocean breeze stands still, the seaside town does experience the odd day of extreme heat, however it has never been recorded to last for more than a day or two. On average, January is the warmest and driest month of the year when the beaches are bustling with life and the surrounding area is alive with fynbos.


Autumn – March to May

Funnily enough autumn is really Hermanus’ most pleasant and popular time of year, and many describe it as ‘simply idyllic’. The temperatures aren’t that much lower than during summer but while the days are mostly sunny, the air is slightly balmier than in summer months. Every so often mist starts drifting in around late afternoon, bringing with it the fragrance of the ocean. Locals refer to this phenomenon as the ‘champagne air’ of Hermanus.


Winter – June to August

While the town has been known to experience torrential rainfall during the winter season, the temperature generally remains quite mild, never dipping below seven or eight degrees Celsius even in the midst of the winter chill. At times the ocean breeze can become quite strong and violent and waves have been known to reach incredible heights, however the average winter is quite tame. Even though Hermanus is characterised by its beaches and considered a beach-front holiday destination, it offers ample activities that are suitable for winter, giving the town its status as all-year holiday destination.


Spring – September to November

Springtime is a magical time when greenery takes over the bare sand dunes and the fragrance of fynbos mingles with the ocean breeze to flavour the Hermanus air. Temperatures are mild to warm, very much like autumn yet not quite as balmy. With the water having reached just the right temperature, springtime is the best time for whale watching. If you’re also hoping to visit a wine estate or two, this is the prime time to do just that as the vineyards are lush green – a breathtaking sight.