Transfer Duty

ln respect of all offers to purchase dated on/or after the 23RD of February 2011 the transfer duty in respect of natural persons and other entities such as companies, close corporations and trusts will be as follows:

Purchase Price Transfer duty payable
R0 – R750,000 0%
From R750,001 – R1,250,000 3% of the value above R750,000
From R1,250,001 – R1,750,000 R15 000,00 + 6% of the value above R1,250,000
From R1,750,001 – R2,250,000 R45 000,00 + 8% of the value abovde R1,750,000
From R2,250,001 and above R85,000 + 11% of the value above R2,250,000